Pascal Rambaud’s genius idea is to have designed the Swincar e-Spider using the concept of a pendulum.
Combining movement science and an original construction the vehicle has a particularly low centre of gravity, resulting in a natural balance and a feeling of stability and safety because when cornering, ascending or descending slopes the nacelle and driver’s seat remains horizontal.


Quaternary -

SWINCAR development: SWINCAR is a perfect example of ‘thinking outside the box’ by its inventor. It was a Eureka moment, which came to him in a flash but there were years of development work… This version was finalized in 2016.

SW3 Prototype                                                                                 

With pendulum balance! Only the centrifugal force causes the cockpit and wheels to tilt. Radial stress is transmitted to the wheels as they tilt automatically as a result of the vehicle weight and centrifugal forces. There are no lateral

- Tertiary

Secondary -

Now the cockpit pivots around a fixed axis and the tilt angle is transmitted to the wheels. Each wheel turns on a single steering and tilt pivot. The steering wheel controls both the steering and tilt. The radius of the turn and speed determine 

    SW1 Prototype                                                                             

With the inclination controlled! Wheels and a reclining seat. Joystick tilt control. The wheels are articulated on a single pivot, which allows them to both turn and tilt. The degree of tilt of the nacelle and the wheels results from the speed and

- Primary

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