Endless Pools

The dream of swimming at home starts here.

Our signature pool is so compact that it’s affordable to heat year-round and simple to maintain water quality. Yet its state-of-the-art current makes it feel as long as a river; you can swim ‘endlessly,’ without ever making a flip turn. It’s the biggest pool you’ll ever need.

Install it indoors or out, in your backyard or basement, in a greenhouse or garage, in a courtyard or a corner. With sizing from 7’x12′ to 10’x16′ – customizable in 1′ increments –the Endless Pool adapts to even the smallest of space requirements.

And with five swim-current options, you can have exactly the swim experience you want. Each is fully adjustable to suit everyone in your household.

# More than 20,000 customers in 100 countries have realized the dream of swimming at home with an Endless Pool. Here, you can find the Endless Pool that’s perfect for your home, your goals, and your lifestyle.

What is distinctive in an endless swimming pool?

current Swimming

Our large-size fan system creates a broad, deep, unbroken pool that is wider than your body and deeper than your brain stroke. Fully adjustable in speed, it is the best and latest swimming pool in the industry.
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Environmentally friendly and minimal PCB

more environmentally friendly than traditional swimming pools – they require less space, water and energy. Due to the quality of water and innovative water purification systems, endless swimming pools require less chlorine than the normal total, odorless, even indoor

Space saving feature

The small size of the endless pools, combined with the current swimming pool and the underwater walker, allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of a traditional pool in a small part of the space.

- Several additional options are available for purchase!

1- Dual-Propulsion EP

Featuring two side-by-side swim currents, this Endless Pool suits couples, families, and anyone who wants to get fit with a friend.

2- Performance EP

Step up to our twin-propeller system for a current that’s broader, deeper, and smoother. Faster than our Original, it’s gentler for beginners too.

3- High-Performance EP

The pool we launched at IRONMAN maxes out at a competitive :57/100-yard pace! Its 7.5-hp motor and upgraded pump both come standard.

4- Elite EP

A revolution in stroke-training technology, this is the pool used daily by NCAA and Olympic swimmers. Your new personal best starts here.

Watch in Action

Photos for Endless Pools Installed Already:

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