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Gazebox® is the new and revolutionary foldable cover system. It can be used as a modern gazebo or as garage for cars, for motors, for boats or as foldable covering for balcony, pool and more!. The special panels give protection from the sun, hail, rain, wind, ice, pets and birds. Does not retain the heat. Easy to install, no special permissions required. “Made in Italy” patented product. Choose your Gazebox Now!


• Multipurpose Carport, Garage, Gazebo and many more.
• No special permissions required.
• Special anti UV panels.
• Efficient air flow. Does not retain heat.
• Protects from the sun.
• Snow and wind resistant.
• Protects from birds and animals.
• Exclusive design.
• Durable framework.
• Easy to install, uninstall and moving.
• Excellent value.
• Requires minimal space.
• Further theft protection.
• Makes no water build-ups.
• Removable structure.
• Quick anchorage to the ground.
• Independent fan regulation.
• Powered closing with exclusive and certified system.
• Manually operated only remote control with light and beeping signal complying with current regulations.
• Zinc plated iron structure and powder painting for a long life.
• Customizable colours, graphics and more.

Does not store the heat, the openings between each fan allow air circulation

The Gazebox is designed to resist extremely strong winds. ​

protect plastic parts and paint by wind, rain, extreme temperatures, UV rays

The Gazebox is designed to resist heavy snow and wind loads.

Significant reductions of time to warm in winter and to cool it down in summer, protecting against dirt

It provides the desired privacy for the owner of a vehicle on special occasions.

Choose the colour you prefer, led lights with adjustable colour and intensity.

Does the wind bother you?
Adjust the sails.

Unlimited personalization with wooden, carbon, aluminium, leather look and more

Italian Design

Protection from UV and Does not store heat (Auto ventilated)

Strong wind load and Strong snow load

Choose your Gazebox NOW!

Gazebox Car

Gazebox Wall

Gazebox Balcony

Gazebox Moto

Gazebox Pool

Gazebox Sea

Gazebox Camper

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