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SWINCAR e-Spider harnesses the natural forces of physics so that, like a pendulum, centrifugal force and gravity are combined in a natural equilibrium creating a very stable vehicle. Cornering or on slopes the driver remains horizontal whilst the wheels stay in contact with even the most uneven ground. There are four 

driving and steering wheels and when combined with the vehicle’s low centre of gravity, delivers an exciting but safe driving experience.

Downhill the engine brake recharges the batteries; this regenerative braking is very safe, durable and helps increase the range.

How does the pendulum design work?


The driver’s compartment or nacelle and the wheels are articulated on longitudinal axes, which allows the nacelle to tilt on turns or a slope.   The mechanism that allows lean in the turn means that when riding across a slope, the wheels are parallel to the angle of the nacelle, which is hanging down. The driver’s center of mass stays between the wheels and below the hubs, making the SWINCAR able to ascend, descend and traverse slopes whilst its long, individually articulated legs keep all four wheels on the ground.


This pendulum movement is possible because:

- the center of gravity of the nacelle is situated below its pivot axis,

- the pivot axis of the wheels is below their contact point with the ground.


The nacelle and the wheels each have an independent pendular effect but are linked in their pivoting.

"This pendulum balance concept is protected by international patents"

The SWINCAR concept, with patented pendulum technology

 – Principle of pendulum balance
 – Definition and functions

The word pendulum is often used wrongly to designate a reclining vehicle.


A pendular vehicle is a tilting vehicle that positions itself in equilibrium as a result of the combination of the forces of gravity, centrifugal force and resistance of the wheels with the ground.


There is no actuator or electronic management system in SWINCAR. Harnessing the natural laws of physics produces a safe, exciting driving experience, impossible to achieve with an active system.


The common problem for vehicles equipped with active tilt actuators is the slow response speed of the actuator, which can mean delays in the tilt movement. This can lead to problems, especially in emergency situations.


Legislation and certification

SWINCAR e-Spider is registered in France under the MAGA (agricultural vehicle) legislation and will soon be approved under European law as a light quadricycle. These are four-wheeled microcars defined by limitations in terms of weight, power and speed.

In France SWINCAR MAGA (agriculture) can be driven without a license for persons from the age of 16 if he works on a farm and with a driving license from the age of 18 for others.


Check the laws in your home country before taking SWINCAR onto public roads. (registration and insurance)


SWINCAR obtained MAGA approval for driving on public roads in France in July 2017.

Two versions of SWINCAR are now available: the French road legal SWINCAR version MAGA and the SWINCAR Standard version.

European approval (European directive 168/2013 / EC) for SWINCAR registered as a light quadricycle (L6e) is in progress.





More than just a cross-country vehicle, the SWINCAR e-Spider represents the art of electric mobility whilst respecting both the environment and others. SWINCAR