Reevo Bike

Meet the world’s coolest e-bike

Turn heads with the sleekest e-bike on the road. Meticulously engineered for performance and jam-packed with cutting edge technology.

750W / 250W
Hubless e-drive

Integrated safety

Triple barrier

We’ve reinvented the wheel

No spokes, no transparent center, no gimmicks, just pure engineering excellence. Built around a strong, lightweight core that’s finished in sleek matte black.

Inject some life into your daily commute

Gun the throttle, use the adaptive pedal assist, or just pedal. It’s your choice. Reevo can also be used when the battery is empty.

250 / 750 W
Powerful electric motor

25 mph
Top speed

Park and walk away

Reevo is equipped with a signature and impenetrable Triple Barrier Anti-Theft System so your bike stays exactly that – yours

Biometric access

One-touch fingerprint sensor that locks/unlocks the bike. Works with an integrated automatic lock housed within the frame, out of reach from bolt cutters.

Antitheft sensors

An intelligent array of sensors keeps your Reevo yours and yours alone.

GPS Tracking

Integrated GPS with motion detection. Set the geofencing radius and know where your Reevo is anytime, anywhere.

Built for the night rider

An ambient light sensor detects darkness and automatically turns on and off the ultra bright headlamps and tail light.

So you can stay safe no matter when you ride.

800 lm
Ultra-bright LED headlamps

Dual color
Turn indicators / tail lights

Night detection

Convenience at your fingertips

Turn your phone into a smart dashboard with the free Reevo app for IOS and Android.
Reevo also comes with a secure phone mount and a USB charging port for your convenience.
Instantly swaps out for a fresh boost of power. A secondary battery keeps security system running while you charge.

Mileage tracking & ride history

Removable battery

Integrated ride dashboard

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